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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 14 2001 5:51pm
Subject:Bug with repair table.
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Zaitsev <pz@stripped> writes:

Peter> Hello bugs,
Peter> Linux. Mysql 3.23.30 (also checked with 3.23.25). Problem appears with
Peter> repear table as well as myisamchk.

Peter> The problem is quite strange. Then repair table or myisamchk repears
Peter> the table, which is empty it grows a index file until it reaches
Peter> it's limit 2GB. And then it says the table is normal.
Peter> I've tried to  copy a index and frm files from other table, but it
Peter> still have the problem. Only the thing helped me here was backup
Peter> with mysqldump and then restore.

Peter> I've created a working example which is uploaded as
Peter> badrepair.tar.gz. Hope it will work for you.

Thanks for the test case;  I will take a look at this ASAP!

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