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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 1:37pm
Subject:Tables Hang
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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Lambrou <lists@stripped> writes:

Chris> Hello,
Chris> Before I start:  I am working on a web site hosted by a 
Chris> third party and I do not have access to the command line.

Chris> The mySQL version is MySQL 3.20.25 distrib 3.21.29 gamma

Chris> Problem:  All of a sudden, a particular table hangs when 
Chris> I try to do queries on it.  For instance, a select count(*) from table
Chris> takes close to 15 minutes.  The table has close to 10,000
Chris> rows and 27 fields.  I have noticed this problem on other 
Chris> databases and tables.  Especially, in tables with datetime 
Chris> fields that grow big (big meaning > 10,000 rows).  The 
Chris> problem goes away, usually, when I drop and recreate 
Chris> an index, but many times this doesn't work and I have 
Chris> to drop and recreate a field, *any* field in the table.


You should use isamchk to check if the table is ok.  This is also
much faster and safer than ALTER TABLE (even if you have to take down
the MySQL server while you do it).

(Please search after isamchk in the MySQL manual!)

If you experience lots of problems like this, you should definitely
upgrade to the newest MySQL version1

Tables HangChris Lambrou28 Jun
  • Tables HangMichael Widenius29 Jun