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From:Colin McKinnon Date:June 29 1999 2:24pm
Subject:Re: about mysql and mssql
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At 15:34 29/06/99 +0800, "bben" <bben@stripped> wrote:
>I am newbie to mysql,and I have used MsSQL.
>I want to import my old data from MSSQL7,how do I do that?
>MSSQL7 is on NT4,MySQL is on RH6.
Export to a platform neutral format (CSV?) and import. Or build a client to
bridge the systems and populate one from the other. The former is probably
I don't know MS-SQL very well - don't know if it will export to a CSV file
itself, but a lot of client apps will (e.g. MS-ACCESS). 
Create the tables & indices on the MySQL using an appropriate tool - the
'mysql' command line client is perfectly adequate. RTFM for how to create
tables and indices.
Move the file onto the box running MYSQL and import. RTFM for how to import


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