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From:Technische Dienst Date:June 29 1999 4:23pm
Subject:Question concering data retrieval from multiple tables...
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Hi there, I'm sortta having a big problem.

For my work I'm putting our price list into MySQL (or atleast I'm trying to)...
For each section we have (we're into computers so we have like towers, cpu's, etc) I made
a different table since this was the easiest way for me to make perl generate HTML-tables.
It reads an entire SQL-Table converts it to HTML-table and this part works fine.
Tables are all alike and were built like this.
create table table-name (Art_Num int(5) zerofill not null primary key, Art_Name text not
null, Art_Price float(5,2) not null);

Now the html form will send back the article number and the number of how much the person
wants from this article.

Let's keep it simple, I have 2 tables Towers & CPU looking like this
03025 Sales ATX Midi Tower 89.30
03026 Sales ATX Full Tower 129.00

01034 Intel Pentium-II 450 489.30
01035 Intel Pentium-III 450 509.83

There's more in there and prices etc don't match but that doesn't matter here.
Anyways I get back the article number so I want to search that item in all the tables and
I want the whole line in return.
select * from Towers, CPU where Art_Num=03025; (just picked a number)
gives me:
ERROR 1052: Column: 'Art_Num' in where clause is ambiguous 

however if I do:
mysql> select * from Towers where Art_Num=03025;
| Art_Num | Art_Name             | Art_Price |
|   03025 | Sales ATX Midi Tower |     89.00 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)
it does work...

How come I can't make it search like that in more tables at once? Is there something wrong
with my command line?

Thanks for your time,

Ferry van Steen

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