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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 3:51am
Subject:re: how to set timestamp for update_log
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>>>>> "Qiang" == Qiang Tan <qtan@stripped> writes:

Qiang> Hi,
Qiang>  I tried to use info from manual 7.24 SET OPTION syntax  to set up
Qiang> update_log timestamp, it describes as follow:
Qiang>     TIMESTAMP = timestamp_value | DEFAULT
Qiang>      Set the time for this client. This is used to get the original
Qiang> timestamp if you use the update log to
Qiang>      restore rows.
Qiang> I tried:
Qiang>     1) set timestamp = DEFAULT;      no error, but what's the default?
Qiang>      2) set TIMESTAMP="19981228143522";  wrong syntax
Qiang> Could somebody tell me how to use it to serve the restore purpose?
Qiang> thanks in advance!


You normally never have to use the above sql command yourself; The SET
TIMESTAMP= will automaticly be added to the update log when necessary.

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