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From:Richard RE SSI-GRAX Mehalick Date:January 11 2001 1:34pm
Subject:RE: MySQL transaction problem (Again...)
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I have started testing MySQL 3.23.30g with latest MySQL provided Berkeley
source (3.2.3g)

I am using RedHat 6.2 and RPM source of MySQL. I compiled MySQL and altered
my existing tables to BDB.

So far my tests show that transactions are working.  They are working for
new BDB tables and the altered MyISAM tables.

I would like to get a sense of how transactions are working for others.  I
get the feeling that not many MySQL users are testing/using the transaction

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Subject: Re: MySQL transaction problem (Again...)

* Carfield Yim <Carfield.Yim@stripped> wrote on 11.01.01 06:19:
> MySQL 3.23.29 or 3.23.30, with RedHat Linux 7.0, compile from tarball
> source, can't rollback.
> Do you mean that it is platform?? There are errors build with RedHat 7.0?

Hmm. It certainly does seem so as there have been a few reports after my
initial report on December 4 when I encountered this problem. I do believe
there would have been more if the problem was more widespread.

I'm using RH7, and the versions I have noticed this behaviour in are
3.23.28, 3.23.29 and 3.23.30. I upgraded my glibc on December 21 from 2.1.92
to 2.2.9, and my gcc from 2.96-54 to 2.96-69. This did not help.

I've tried compiling MySQL from the source RPMS (first the RedHat ones,
hacking them with the correct version and Berkeley DB support; then the
MySQL ones, putting the Berkeley DB support in them), and manually from the
tarball sources.

When I first encountered this, rollback did work for some tables
but not others. Nowadays, it doesn't seem to work for any tables. This may
be due to the change of MySQL and/or Berkeley DB versions, or the glibc/gcc
update, or just some difference in the build itself (which I doubt).

I don't know which change to blame as I didn't test rollback except with the
table that rollback didn't work with initially, and only now tested rollback
on other tables and noticed it didn't work at all anymore.

For example, this used to work but now it doesn't anymore:

create table tt (id integer) type=bdb;
show table status; # Ensure it actually is BDB
set autocommit=0;
insert into tt (id) values (55);
select * from tt; # Earlier this didn't result in anything, nowadays it does
                  # have the row id=55

Tomi Junnila <topeju@stripped>
Electronics and Information Technology,
University of Turku, Finland
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