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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 3:41am
Subject:Upgrade from 3.22.21 to 3.22.23b
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>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Smith <kevin@stripped> writes:

Kevin> Hi,
Kevin> Just a quick question of advice...

Kevin> If I want to upgrade from 3.22.21 to 3.22.23b of MySQL is there anything 
Kevin> I should know, for example, anything that is unstable in this beta?  Or, 
Kevin> is it just as robust as my current version.

3.22.23b is not a beta;  It's a final relase.

Kevin> Or, is it best to wait for the final release?

Kevin> If it is worth while, is there anything special I need to do before I 
Kevin> upgrade?


Upgrade from 3.22.21 to 3.22.23bMichael Widenius29 Jun