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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 2:21am
Subject:Question about handling blob data
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>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Andrews <Eric_Andrews@stripped> writes:

Eric> I am using MySQL verision 3.21.33b on a Sun Solaris platform. The
Eric> documentation states that to handle blob data that the NULL, backslash,
Eric> single quote, and double quote characters need to be escaped. Does this
Eric> mean I need to parse a binary file one character at a time to find these
Eric> characters to escape them? Is there a way I can handle the blob I want to
Eric> insert or retrieve (SELECT) as real binary data and not text? Is blob data
Eric> such as audio files and video files treated the same as a large text file ?
Eric> To escape characters upon insert and then have to un-escape them upon
Eric> select seems like it could be a little slow on performance.

Eric> Sincerely,
Eric> Eric Andrews
Eric> eric_andrews@stripped


You must escape blobs when you insert them into MySQL, as else the SQL 
statement will not be a legal SQL statement.  Fortunately almost all
MySQL clients has functions to do the escaping.

When you retrieve the BLOB, you don't need to do any unescaping!

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