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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 2:45am
Subject:MySQL on OS X
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>>>>> "Sanjeeb" == Sanjeeb Bhuyan <s_bhuyan@stripped> writes:

Sanjeeb> Hi,
Sanjeeb>   I'm installing the latest source version of mysql on OS X...when i do a 
Sanjeeb> /.configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql  ... i get "cannot guess host type,u 
Sanjeeb> must specify one.."
Sanjeeb> also whenever i use the "make " command, i get .."no rule  to mae target "   
Sanjeeb> " stop! "
Sanjeeb>          ideas?? what should i do?"?
Sanjeeb>                 i need help and i need help quick!!
Sanjeeb>                          --sanjeeb


I just got a patches for MacOSX from Anjo Krank <ak@stripped>.

Thanks Anjo!

These will be in the next MySQL release.  Until this, you can try the
following link:  

MySQL on OS XSanjeeb Bhuyan25 Jun
  • MySQL on OS XMichael Widenius29 Jun