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From:Mark Date:June 29 1999 2:41am
Subject:Left Join query question
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Would someone lend a hand with a join that has me confused.

Well actually, almost every join has me confused.

From the manual: 

SELECT table1.* from table1 
where is NULL

selects from table 1 that which is not in table 2. 

That's pretty neat.

It's a start on what I need, but I can't figure it out.

Can I select the item_names  that  player_name  does not have,
but just fpr a particular player from the game table ?

game			status			player_names 	item_names	
-------			--------			-----------		-----------
player_id		player_id		player_id		item_id
group			item_id			player_name		item_name

(Players start with 500 items - no entries in the status table. 
As they lose items, entries go into the status table..
As they gain items, entries come back out of the status table.)

Any ideas??  Help would be much appreciated

Thanks, Mark
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Left Join query questionMark29 Jun
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