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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 12:59am
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>>>>> "Ronald" == Ronald Beck <ronald-beck@stripped> writes:

Ronald> How about...

Ronald> 	my - mine, i.e. not yours

Ronald> 	sql - Structured Query Language

Ronald> In other words, it's my SQL, not "THE" SQL that you pay big bucks for. 
Ronald> At least that's my understanding of the name.  If I'm wrong, I'll let
Ronald> Sasha Pachev explain it better.

Ronald> Regards,
Ronald> Ron

Ronald> Patrick Kuharic wrote:
>> I would love to know what the letters m-y-s-q-l
>> stand for and think it would be good to have at
>> the top of the documentation. Thanks. :)

From the MySQL manual:


The derivation of the name MySQL is not perfectly clear.  Our base
directory and a large number of our libraries and tools have had the prefix
``my'' for well over 10 years. However, Monty's daughter (some years younger)
is also named My. So which of the two gave its name to MySQL is
still a mystery, even for us.


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