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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 12:17am
Subject:installing on OS X server
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>>>>> "Sanjeeb" == Sanjeeb Bhuyan <s_bhuyan@stripped> writes:

Sanjeeb> Hi,
Sanjeeb>   I need as much help as I can get...I need to compile mysql on an OS X 
Sanjeeb> as far as I know this hasn't been done. The reasons I have heard 
Sanjeeb> are that OS X Server does not support pthreads, though the Apple site says 
Sanjeeb> it does.Well I have to attempt this soon, so I guess these are my 
Sanjeeb> questions...
Sanjeeb> 1. How can this be done? What is the correct version to install?
Sanjeeb>     Which one is it?

MySQL 3.22.23b from

Sanjeeb> 2. What are the problems which have been encountered and why?Are there an 
Sanjeeb> workarounds?

Your problems will probably be creating a interface for OS X threads
so that they can be used as pthreads.  On the other hand, the MySQL
source already provides a lot of macros to do this!

Most of the changes must probably be done in the following files:


Sanjeeb> 3. Has anyone managed to compile it before?

Not that I know off

Sanjeeb> 4. Does anyone know if apple's webobjects has a native driver for mysql?

I haven't heard of anything like the above.

Sanjeeb>         i need help really soon!!!
Sanjeeb>                    thanx,
Sanjeeb>                      sanjeeb

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