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From:Ryan Larson Date:June 28 1999 10:57pm
Subject:Re: linux mysql limited to about 1000 conns?
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this looks to be more of a problem with either the TCP/IP stack or the max
File descriptors available to linux in the current releases.  Kernel 
2.2.10 fixed a few bugs that were limiting network connections, but the
TCP/IP stack is still not fully thread compliant.  From tests that I have
seen the max throughput on a quad box with quad NICs was 150mbs/sec.
Hopefully this will be fixed soon.   

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Ben Margolin wrote:

> Quoting from the linuxthreads README:
> (
> >- The stacks for the threads are allocated high in the memory space,
> >  below the stack of the initial process, and spaced 2M apart.
> >  Stacks are allocated with the "grow on demand" flag, so they don't
> >  use much virtual space initially (4k, currently), but can grow
> >  up to 2M if needed.
> >  Reserving such a large address space for each thread means that,
> >  on a 32-bit architecture, no more than about 1000 threads can
> >  coexist (assuming a 2Gb address space for user processes),
> >  but this is reasonable, since each thread uses up one entry in the
> >  kernel's process table, which is usually limited to 512 processes.
> Hmm, does this mean we are limited to approx 1000 concurrent mysql
> connections?  Has anyone actually gotten more than 1000 connections
> simultaneously on linux? (2.2, 1G RAM, dual P3s)
> This is going to be a serious problem with my current plan of getting
> 8 webserver boxes to keep persistent connections open to the DB,
> each one running 400 or so httpd's... going to need way more than 1000
> threads!
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