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From:Bo Brogård Lund Date:March 19 1999 2:51pm
Subject:SV: Function keys and Linux
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Hi Colin

> At 08:59 19/03/99 +0100, "Bo Brogård Lund" <bo@stripped> wrote:

> >I seem to recall that there was a way to setup and xterm so that
> you could
> >map SQL commands to the function-keys i.e. 'show tables' to F1, 'SELECT *
> I thought this was some obscure function of MySQL I didn't know about - in
> fact it's nothing to do with MySQL.

i thing there is (or maybe was) a MySQL specific way, I remember having used
them a couple of years ago. Something about entering info into af '.mysql'

Bo Brogaard Lund

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