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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 6 2001 5:47pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.23.30-gamma
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Hi again!

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Hammers <ch@stripped> writes:

Christian> Hi
Christian> I once mailed a bug report regarding an backwards incompatibility of
> mysqldump
Christian> to the mailing list but got no responses. I hope you can fix this for the
Christian> release version.

I did just test the newest mysqldump version against MySQL 3.21.32 and
MySQL 3.22.27 and it worked in both cases.

This is rather strange as the mysqldump version is 8.12 and there
wasn't any changes since 8.11 concerning this!

Christian> The following quote is from a bug report against the mysql-server package 
Christian> which I maintain for the Debian distro. The used one of the latest 3.23.x
Christian> versions.

>> when i try to dump any database or table with mysqldump on my woody, i get:
>> # MySQL dump 8.11
>> #
>> # Host: athena    Database: sgs
>> #--------------------------------------------------------
>> # Server version        3.22.32
>> mysqldump: Can't get CREATE TABLE for table 'contact' (You have an error in your
>> +SQL syntax near 'create table contact' at line 1)

Any change you can get us the entries from the mysqld server log
(mysqld started with --log) so that we can check what questions where
sen to the server?

mysqldump works by first sending the query:


to the server. If it doesn't get an error for this, then it assumes
this is a new mysqld server and will use SHOW CREATE TABLE to get the
table structure.  In other cases it will use the old portable way to
create the CREATE TABLE statement.

In this case it looks like the server is accepting the SET OPTION...
statement, which should not be the case.

Can you verify that you do get an error for your 3.22.32 version if
you do:



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