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From:Eric Mings Date:June 28 1999 7:31pm
Subject:Problems with errorcode 13 -still
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I am reposting this as I have not yet seen any solution posted, and 
didn't want to get lost in the masses. I know this is a high traffic list 
but I would appreciate any suggestions for a solution or somewhere else I 
might look. Thanks.

I successfully installed the MySQL rpm onto a machine running RedHat 
Linux 6. This installation installs an autostart  mysql daemon. However I 
have discovered a big problem. After installation I went through the 
execises in the manual to test and restart safe_mysql and subsequently 
had great fun creating some users and datbases. However I have discovered 
that I cannot access the databases after an autostart of mysql (occuring 
at Linux bootup). I consistently get error code 13. I also found out I 
could not access mysql from a remote client in my LAN. However, if I 
shutdown mysql and start it as safe_mysql everything works fine. I tried 
the proceedure mentioned in the manual for error code 13 (running a 
couple UMASK commands from a shell) but that had no effect (except for 
the effect of manually starting it as safe_mysql which solves the 
errors). What can I do to make mysql work correctly from autostarting it 
at bootup? I would like to understand what the issue is here. I tried 
searching the net and list archives but have not found the answer. 
Suggestions greatly appreciated!


Eric Mings Ph.D.

Problems with errorcode 13 -stillEric Mings28 Jun