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From:David Bruha Date:March 19 1999 2:46pm
Subject:SQL Problem
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First of all, I would like to thank you for your quick response to my
previous question. It has helped me a tot.

Now I have another problem. I have created these three tables in my

CREATE TABLE products (
  prod_ID int(11),
  prod_name varchar(60)

CREATE TABLE accessories (
  acc_ID int(11),
  acc_name varchar(60),
  comment blob

CREATE TABLE acc_to_prod (
  accessoryID int(11),
  productID int(11),
  serial tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0'

I have to create table in the output, where the columns are products and
rows are accesories:
 - in the first column should be put names of all relevant accessories,
 - in the second column should be put bullet if tis accessory belongs to
the first product (if not, leave it blank),
 - in the third column should be put bullet if tis accessory belongs to
the second product,
 - and so on ... there could be one to ten products displayed together.

I know how to do this with nested selects but I must admit that without
it I'm at a loss. Of course that I can do it with a cycle but isn't
there a way to do it directly with mysql?

Could anybody of you help me?


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