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From:Basil Hussain Date:January 5 2001 2:52pm
Subject:Re: Comment abount documentation comments
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Hi all,

> I have noticed a couple things. First, I am receiving copies of all the
> user comments that appear in the MySQL documentation from the web site, as
> they appear to be automatically forwarded to mysql@stripped. I would
> prefer not to receive these. Is it possible to have them sent to a new,
> separate mailing list?

There do appear to be rather a lot, don't there?

> Also, while this "user comment" section can be a tremendously useful
> feature, it is obvious that it needs to be moderated.  Many of the user
> comments are actually questions or FAQs which belong on this mailing list
> and aren't relevant in the documentation where they appear (e.g. When are
> subselects going to be supported?).

I think there was actually some rational behind the decision to have all
manual comments sent to the mailing list - the idea being that seeing as
most of the comments are indeed mis-guided people with problems asking for
help (or other general questions) that all of us on the mailing list might
be able to help them (and tell them not to post questions to the on-line
manual...), rather than them not getting any help at all.

> I don't know how the PHP people manage this on their web site, but the
> quality of the user comments there are consistently very high and they are
> always relevant.  The MySQL people should take whatever approach is taken
> there, as the usefulness of this will quickly diminish as the documentation
> fills up with converstation and questions, rather than useful and
> informative comments.

As far as I can remember, the PHP manual comments are moderated and every
once in a while the PHP documentation team go through the manual and make
changes/additions to the manual accordingly. Maybe the MySQL team do not
have the time for this kind of scheme, and that is why we have manual
comments mailed here.

You have a point, though - I think there could be something done to improve
the situation. Maybe there should be a clear message when users post
comments that they should only be posting suggestions, corrections or ideas
for that manual section - not questions or requests for help.


Basil Hussain (basil.hussain@stripped)

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