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From:Christian Hammers Date:January 5 2001 2:03pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.23.30-gamma
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I once mailed a bug report regarding an backwards incompatibility of mysqldump
to the mailing list but got no responses. I hope you can fix this for the
release version.

The following quote is from a bug report against the mysql-server package 
which I maintain for the Debian distro. The used one of the latest 3.23.x

> when i try to dump any database or table with mysqldump on my woody, i get:
> # MySQL dump 8.11
> #
> # Host: athena    Database: sgs
> #--------------------------------------------------------
> # Server version        3.22.32
> mysqldump: Can't get CREATE TABLE for table 'contact' (You have an error in your
> +SQL syntax near 'create table contact' at line 1)
> this worked fine in october ...

This bug is reproduceable by me. I used:

ch@xeniac:~$ mysqldump --no-data dbname tablename



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