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From:Stefano Corghi Date:January 5 2001 1:59pm
Subject:MySql under win2000
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I downloaded few days ago mysql and utility for data transfer from Access to
I'm planning to port an exist application from win to linux ( for server
side ) so i'm working on data for translate them in Mysql table and in next
weeks i will transfer data on mysql server running on a linux Pc pentium.
The amount of data i'm working on is about 15 Mb now but i intend to port
the same data on an internet site whit PHP.

Can you tell me about the PC needed for this application ?

License the Mysql:
The  product i downloaded from the web is full or need somthing more for use
: Case A : On a Win2000 professional ( for development ) Case B: On Linux
Mandrake 7.1 when the application will be ok?

Working with Visual Basic: I'm developing with VB the application that use
Mysql table on linux; are you experienced about this siutations?
Excuse me for my terrible english

MySql under win2000Stefano Corghi2 Jan
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