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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 28 1999 6:16pm
Subject:dual db instances : are they safe on FreeBSD?
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>>>>> "David" == David Johnson <davej@stripped> writes:

David> Hello everyone,

David> So we are experimenting with running two database instances on the same file
David> system (tables) on FreeBSD.  It seems to work fine, but we wonder if bad
David> things are liable to happen in the long run that we don't see right off the
David> bat.

David> Also, we are wondering what happens when one instance calls "flush tables".
David> Does that effect the tables in memory in the other instance in any way?
David> Would this work to ensure the tables were completely flushed or do you have
David> to call "flush tables" on both instances?

David> DJ


Just check with 'mysqladmin variables' that you have:

skip_locking set to 0 or OFF.

If this is the case, you should be resonable safe!

The only thing that 'flush-tables' does is that it forces the servers
to close all tables.  This shouldn't affect the data in any way!
(MySQL will write all data to disk between each query)

dual db instances : are they safe on FreeBSD?David Johnson18 Jun
  • dual db instances : are they safe on FreeBSD?Michael Widenius28 Jun