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From:Vivek Khera Date:June 28 1999 5:20pm
Subject:Re: to much fragmentation
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>>>>> "SH" == Scott Hess <scott@stripped> writes:

SH> That (storing the blobs out to the filesystem) is the solution we're
SH> currently pondering.  The main downside is that the database is being used
SH> as the central "memory" for a system that involves a couple components, and
SH> we'd _really_ rather not teach all components about the off-database blob
SH> storage, if we can get away with it.

One common technique is to keep blobs out of all tables except one.
This table would consist of two fields: a unique ID and the blob
data.  Then, like you normally would keep the blob on the file system
and store a reference to it, you instead keep the blob data in that
table and store a reference to it.  

This way you keep all your data in the blob and the only fragmentation
you may have is in the blob table.  This really won't matter too much
since the time to transfer the data over the network will be much
larger than the time to seek the disk around those fragments.

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