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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 2 2001 8:55pm
Subject:Re: DOS window on Win98
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At 6:34 PM -0800 1/2/01, Malcolm Clark wrote:
>Is it possible to start the MySQL server without a visible application
>button in the taskbar. I'd like the server to run discretely in the
>background, so the layman
>user does not have the opportunity to maximize the DOS window and
>potentially shutdown the server.

If you're on NT Server, you can install Mysql as a Service, which 
will do exactly what you want. The instructions are in your 
distribution, probably in the README.NT file or some such file 
(sorry, I can't recall the exact instructions at the moment).

If you're on Win95/98, I don't think that's an option. Haven't used 
either of those in a while, though.


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