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From:jonathan michaels Date:June 26 1999 11:55pm
Subject:Re: mySQL Newsgroup?
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On Fri, Jun 25, 1999 at 11:36:36AM +0200, Jonathan wrote:
> >If you go to the URL and look down toward the
> >bottom of that page, you will see a paragraph that says:
> >
> >All mysql mails are also archived at a news server at:
> >news://
> >
> >Essentially I have a one way gateway of the mysql list to my news server.
> >I can't handle the large mail volume either, but do want to be able to skim
> >through the list for valuable informations.  Since I was reading it off my
> >newsserver, I might as well make it available for everyone else.
> >
> >Enjoy.
> Cool. What software are you using as mail>news gateway? Question to the
> list: Are there enough people interested in such a service over here in
> Europe? Cause if there is we can set up a similar mail>news gateway here in
> the Netherlands.

you may have a hard time getting it adopted in 
comp.someting.someting.mysql, sorry its ben so long since 'vel 
looked at the news tree i've forgotten what it looks like these 

so this leaves that other monstrosity, ummm, sorry, hierachary 
alt....whatever.mysql, how are the proposer of such a setup 
going to manage teh spam content .. makie the newsgroup closed 
or moderated ?

these days peole are turning away from newsgroups in droves 
because of teh spam problems .. thye are coming to 
mailinglists, even these are not totaly immune, even if they 
are closed and or moderated .. expesially if thye get to a size 
where it is not possble for one person to do the moderation 
effectively because of the bulk involved.

i'm not against a newsgroup format, or a mail-to-news, hell i 
ran my own news servers and several mail-to-news gateways and 
several dozen open mailinglist, and about 6 or 8 moderated and 
completely closed (read secure) mailinglists .. for someting 
like 10 years. i stoped recsently because of failing health and 
the onslaught of what is starting to look like ms or msd the drs 
are not sure, yet. so please excuse my spelling, its getting 
hard to type, especially when tired.

we have a nice thing going here, it would be a shame to have it 
trashed my spam .. or the sideffects of too much work, too much 
cost for the bulk trafic (here in australia we pay fro minutes 
used and bytes sent in and out .. i'm sure its the same 
overseas for anyting more trivial than a personal email 
account, as most mailing lists soon develop into, in a 
relevtively short time.

just some options, ideas that have yet to surface regarding 
movinf mysql to a newsgroup or includeing a mailinglist-to-news 

> Jonathan

thats neat another jonathan who spells jonathan correctly, grin.



Jonathan Michaels
PO Box 144, Rosebery, NSW 1445 Australia

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