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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 26 1999 10:42pm
Subject:Re: to much fragmentation
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David Johnson wrote:
> We have five big tables with blobs in them that get fragmented very fast.
> We have to stop out (24 X 7) operation to defrag them too frequently (one a
> week).  It seems that the fragmentation happens so fast because MySQL tries
> very hard not to waste space.  For instance, we had one table that had 6.75
> Blocks/Record but only had 1% lost space.
> We'd love if we could tell  MySQL to use 2Gig for the table and populate it
> sparsely, rather than trying
> so hard to save space.  Is this possible?  Do we need to hack the source?
> DJ
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How about storing the blobs on the filesystem and storing references to
them in the database? You are not searching through the blobs for
patterns, are you?
Sasha Pachev
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