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From:Douglas Brantz Date:December 20 2000 1:57pm
Subject:Select statement problem?
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Hey, I have an actual Mysql question this time.

I have finished moving my databases to another server.  I am using Mysql version 3.23.23??
This is
what was installed on
the Mandrake 7.2?

Anyway, I have the following statement that works on the old server with an older version
of Mysql
3.22 - I think it was older.

my $sth1=$dbh->Query("select date_format(submdate, '%M %D %Y') from tablename where
formnum=\"$formnum\" ")

I have other scripts that use this same line on the new server and it works fine.  When I
check it
on the old server this works fine.
Probably something in my script - but I can't understand why it works in one place and
then when I
move it to another server it just won't show this one field in this one table?

Date_Format is working on the other databases fine?

perhaps formnum is nothing and so it will show nothing? - but it works on the other

Thanks in advance.



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Select statement problem?Douglas Brantz20 Dec