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From:Daevid Vincent Date:June 25 1999 9:21pm
Subject:isamchk and corrupted ISAM-tables
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I ran isamchk -a, and then isamchk-S in a script dialy and noticed today the
following errors!
What causes a database table to get corrupt, and why would it happen to so many
of them?!
There were a bunch of databases that had errors like these:

    ISAM-table '/var/lib/mysql/wt_api/AppliesTo_Table.ISM' is useable but should
be fixed

    ISAM-table '/var/lib/mysql/wt_api/Function_Table.ISM' is corrupted
    Fix it using switch "-r" or "-o"

This is a new VA Research server (2 months old).
(server is RH5.2, 512MB RAM, 36GB RAID5 drive, Dual PIII-500Mhz)

I have set up a script to run daily in /etc/cron.daily. Is this wrong to do?
Also, I set /etc/my.cnf to be:
set-variable    = key_buffer=16M
set-variable    = sort_buffer=16M
set-variable    = write_buffer=16M
set-variable    = read_buffer=16M
should I add anything else here?

[root=ttyp0]2:13pm@{/etc/cron.daily}> cat mySQL-isamchk-daily

echo ""
echo "mySQL-isamchk-daily: Checking database integrity..."

/usr/bin/isamchk -o /var/lib/mysql/wt_client/*.ISM
/usr/bin/isamchk -a /var/lib/mysql/wt_client/*.ISM
/usr/bin/isamchk -S /var/lib/mysql/wt_client/*.ISM

/usr/bin/isamchk -o /var/lib/mysql/wt_api/*.ISM
/usr/bin/isamchk -a /var/lib/mysql/wt_api/*.ISM
/usr/bin/isamchk -S /var/lib/mysql/wt_api/*.ISM

/usr/bin/isamchk -o /var/lib/mysql/wt_bug/*.ISM
/usr/bin/isamchk -a /var/lib/mysql/wt_bug/*.ISM
/usr/bin/isamchk -S /var/lib/mysql/wt_bug/*.ISM

/usr/bin/isamchk -o /var/lib/mysql/mysql/*.ISM > /dev/null
/usr/bin/isamchk -a /var/lib/mysql/mysql/*.ISM > /dev/null
/usr/bin/isamchk -S /var/lib/mysql/mysql/*.ISM > /dev/null

echo ""
echo "Fix any errors mentioned above."

isamchk and corrupted ISAM-tablesDaevid Vincent26 Jun
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