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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 25 1999 10:33am
Subject:Re: Mystic internal table is full
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Oleg Amiton wrote:
> Hello!
> I've created query (below...), sent it to mysql backend
> and got result set normally. But after adding yet another table
> in it I have:
> ERROR 1114: The table 'SQL5a6_0' is full
> It was a last droplet - When I delete new table from query
> MySQL stays indifferent and prints this message again and again ...
> ---------- The query is: -----------
> mysql> SELECT ol.nom_order, ol.data1, ol.data2, cs.fio, cs.route_all,
>     -> op.pin_cod, ps.quantity_all, CONCAT(op.ticket_,op.ticket_day),
>     ->, ol.order_key FROM order_list ol, customer cs,
>     -> oper_price op, passengers ps WHERE cs.nom_order=ol.nom_order AND
>     -> op.nom_order=ol.nom_order AND ps.nom_order=ol.nom_order ORDER BY
>     -> ol.nom_order DESC;
> Can you explain what is this message means and how to cope
> with it?

Your query uses a temporary table and it is not big enough. Increase
tmp_table_size parameter to mysqld.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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