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From:Chris Date:June 25 1999 1:25pm
Subject:Re: Error 1054
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Hi Chris, can you show us the query that generated the error? Having not
seen it, this may not apply, but I have seen this error when I forget to
quote a text string in a 'WHERE' clause, ie:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE mytable.field=textstring;

instead of:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE mytable.field='textstring';

In the first case, the error would be something like:

'Unknown column 'textstring' in 'mytable'


On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Chris A. Wittusen wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> I just updated my keystone via cvs, and now I get an mysql error, it goes like
> this:
> "
> MySQL Error # 1054 in function db_query
> Unknown column 'f_usergen' in 'field list'
> "
> The thing Im trying to do now, is to modify a slip, I use to be able to do this.
> Can anyone tell me what this means ???
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