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From:Jonathan Date:June 25 1999 9:32am
Subject:Re: mySQL Newsgroup?
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>Sounds like an email client problem more that a mailinglist vs. newsgroup
>A good email client such as mutt ( for unix makes dealing with
>mailing lists trivial. IMHO, no Windows based email client is worth using
>when you have complex mail needs. One of the Windows clients that
>sucks less than normal is Pegasus ( which I used to
>use before swithching to a combination of Mutt and Procmail on UNIX.

I use Eudora Pro for Mac to handle +150 messages a day. It checks and
processes mail for 7 accounts with no problems whatsoever. Eudora for
Windows has the same features, but it doesn't work as well for me as the
Mac version. I agree with you though that there are almost no clients
available on Windows that will satisfy the power user. Windows news clients
suck too BTW.

Just me 2c :)


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