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From:Douglas Brantz Date:December 9 2000 3:47pm
Subject:Re: problems with red hat 7.0
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hey, saw your message earlier.  I have Mandrake 7.2 and when it installs Mysql and runs
fine.  I
have just installed Red Hat 7 and looked to see how the install went.  It seems that there
are no
data directories in /var/lib/mysql  - this is where I think it is looking for the
databases like
mysql,test etc.  I will try to move existing databases into this area and change their
ownership to
mysql and see if it works.  When I installed Red Hat 7 the first time and tried to run
mysql it
compained that there were no databases and died.

If you have installed Mysql with Binary can you find the database dir?  I was used to it
being in
/usr/local/mysql/data but now it seems to have changed to /var/lib/mysql.

What if any error message do you get when you try to run it?


"Tomas Mas-Esteve (ECE)" wrote:

> Hello,
> had some one instaled mysql 3.23.28 on red hat 7.0?
> if yes, did you had problems?
> Because i?m geting mad trying to installing.
> if you had problems, and you resolve them, please tell me how to instal.
> Thanks
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