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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 19 1999 10:39am
Subject:install / compile errors
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan  <nuttyshaggy@stripped> writes:

Dan> Thanks in advance for any help.
Dan> I am running Solaris7 on a Ultra5.

Dan> My first problem occurs when I run the
Dan> configure
Dan> script in mysql-3.22.20a
Dan> I get this error:
Dan> checking for restartable system calls... configure: error: can not run
Dan> test program while cross compiling
Dan> What does it mean and what do I do about it?

install egcs 1.1.2 from

Dan> My second problem:
Dan> I have successfully installed the binary
Dan> mysql-3.22.19-sun-solaris2.6-sparc and everything runs as it should,
Dan> except I can not compile any of my own programs.

Dan> with the command
Dan> /usr/local/bin/g++
Dan> -I/usr/local/mysql-3.22.19-sun-solaris2.6-sparc/include
Dan> -L/usr/local/mysql-3.22.19-sun-solaris2.6-sparc/lib
Dan> -lmysqlclient


Undefined   first referenced
 symbol         in file


Try man 'unidefined symbol' for errors like the above.


Add '-lsocket -lnsl -lgen' to your link line.


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