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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 24 1999 10:50am
Subject:Re: Error when running configure
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Shawn Scott wrote:
> I am getting an error when running configure with the source dist of version
> 3.22.23b this is the error I get
> checking for restartable system calls.... configure:error:cannot run test
> program while cross compiling.
> I found nothing in my 3 hour search for info on this sort of error.
> Here is my system info
> Solaris 7 Intel
> GNUgcc2.8.1 with c++ libs
> Anyone know what this error means?

This is a library problem. To get more details, check your
configure.log. copy/paste the source of the program that failed into a
file, compile it with the same flags as the you see in the log, run it,
get a segfault, then ldd program to see which libraries it is using,
then post the output of ldd

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