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From:Erik Liljencrantz Date:June 23 1999 7:59pm
Subject:Re: Yellow Page Setup
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I have to disagree with Sasha's advice. With the limited amount of data in
each table, 100 records per table, there should be no serious performance
problem to put all the records in one table. The added advantage is that
You can perform searches across city borders without expensive table
reopenings in the server and complicated looping across multiple tables in
Your script code.

I'm storing share quote info in separate tables, 400 tables with 3000
records each (and growing). For this amount of data it's reasonable to use
separate tables, but I tried to store all records in one table and it was
still fast (in mySQL but that wouldnät have worked in mSQL that I started
out with) and much easier to perform queries involving different shares.

The important thing is to add indexes for the fields Your are going to look
up or search. Fields like city, first name and family name should have
indexes which speed up searching drastically, especially if You require the
beginning of the name to be given (selects using field like '%substring%'
is slow whereas field like 'startstring%' is fast).

  Erik Liljencrantz

At 11:36 1999-06-23 +0000, Sasha Pachev wrote:
>Sean Hynes wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am creating a Yellow Page system for many cities. I don't have a lot of
>> mysql experience so some pointers would be much appreciated.
>> Lets say there are 500 cities and there will be 100 listings per city.
>> Is it better to have one table with all entries , searchable by category or
>> is it better to have a table for each city?
>I would prefer separate tables. Even if you do not have a lot of data,
>and can get decent perfomance by putting everying into one table, having
>to deal with several tables will make you design/code a better scalable
>application .
>Sasha Pachev
> (home)
> (work)

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