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From:efrazier Date:June 23 1999 6:34pm
Subject:parsing finaly got it.
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It isn't pefect, but I got it. I still don't understand a lot of the
contents of the email that was sent to me about this. But it certainly has
given me a start. Thanks to everyone!



    push(@INC, '/home2/kwinternet/webclient/URI-1.02');
	push(@INC, '/home2/kwinternet/webclient/HTML-Parser-2.23/');

use LWP::Simple;
use HTML::TokeParser;

$page = "";
open (TEMP,">temp.html");

foreach (get $page) {
	~ s/\./\n/g;
	~ s/\&nbsp\;//g;
	~ s/\&quot\;/"/g; # I know there is better stuff than this, but I expected
the TokeParser to do more than it does. 
	print TEMP;	

my $p = HTML::TokeParser->new("temp.html");

# This prints the text as it is on the page
# newlines and all
while(my $token = $p->get_token) {
	print $token->[1] if $token->[0] eq 'T';

parsing finaly got it.efrazier23 Jun