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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 23 1999 10:37am
Subject:Re: Table record limits
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Sean Mathias wrote:
> Is there a theoretical/practical record limit for a single table?  I
> have a database with a table of over 9,000,000 records (which I need to
> accomodate 25,000,000+) and am having to repair frequently after adding
> records ( < 100,000).  Is this a lost cause?
> Sean Mathias

There is a 2GB limit on the size of the table, which puts a definite
theoretical limit on the number of records ( each record has to take at
least one bit, even if it is ENUM('Y','N') and even that is probably
still implemented as a char. Generally you can have up to
2GB/sizeof(your_record) records.

Sometimes you can achieve better performance by spliting your tables,
and sometimes the 2 GB limited will force you to do that.

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