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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 23 1999 10:30am
Subject:Re: MySQL to text?
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Darrell Shifflett wrote:
> is a file that has the daily news
> on the site updated daily. Can someone enlighten me on how linuxtoday
> might be getting the news in the tables on there main site? Ive seen a few
> sites doing this buy retrieving the lthead.txt and somehow putting this
> on an html document with borders and tables.
> Redhat 6.0
> MySQL 3.22.22
> php-3.0.9
> Apache 1.3.6
> Any help appreciated,

Not sure about what you are looking for exacly - if you have news data
somewhere on the web in a certain known format, in a couple of hours you
could write a Perl script to retrieve it, parse, and enter into your
tables. Another couple of hours, and you could have PHP or CGI written
in your favorite language to display the news from the tables in the
format your are most happy with. 

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