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From:Chris Date:June 23 1999 2:12pm
Subject:Re: question
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Not really mysql related, but you must log in as the administrator and set
up quick slips. This option can be found in the 'group lists' section of
the 'maintenance' menu under 'other' in the nav on the left of the page.


On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Chris A. Wittusen wrote:

> Hi
> I might be out in the woods with this questions, but I take my chances since I
> cant get a answer from keystone users group.
> If anyone is familiar with keystone, you know when you go to your keystone
> homepage, there is a button that will allow you to surf the slips "browse
> slips".
> Well once you have picked that you can "add a new slip", and once you have
> picked that you have a page where you fill in the information, well there is a
> field there that will allow you to push a button to pick a categorie.
> Now, my question is how can I alter that field, I would belive its built up
> with mysql, as it is now I do not have any options there.
> I'm sorry if I come out like the biggest newbie, but right now I feel like it,
> and we all are newbies at one point of our lifes :)
> Sincerely
> Chris A. Wittusen
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