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From:Robert Pruitt Date:June 23 1999 1:44pm
Subject:My Biggest Problem--
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It's finding stuff in the manual. Maybe I'm going about it a bit wrong,
but I have a devil of a time finding what I want in the manual. Even
when I know it's in there (someplace).If it's in the table of contents,
well, I'm good to go. But the search function, well, either I'm just not
using it right, or it's lame.

Anyway, I'm trying to find out how to create an auto_increment column.
My luck, it's probably 'Chapter 2 -- How to create auto_increment
columns'. But, my eyes are getting bleary...

And thanks to Kevin Smith -- your response to my last question put me
where I needed to be. I finally found that part in the manual this
morning as I was trying to find my auto_increment stuff....

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