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From:Mike Hanney Date:June 23 1999 12:08pm
Subject:Re: Text Field Sizes and PHP (was: Access -> myODBC or ->
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At 15:49 22/06/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Thanks to everyone for their very helpful suggestions.
>I've decided to try using a web forms approach which leads to
>the following questions:
>1. What is the biggest realistic size of a text field in a SQL
>database? IOW, should the articles themselves be stored within
>[their own table of] the database or maintained as seperate files
>that are referenced by the database (probably using some weird
>generated number).
>2. (This question is conditional on the answer to Q1.) Are there
>any complications I need to know about before attempting to write
>a Perl or PHP script to put data from an HTTP uploaded textfile
>into a mySQL database? Would things be much easier for all concerned
>if cut&paste to a <textarea/> was used instead?
>3. This is off-topic, but I figure this crowd will know: I know
>(without ever having actually used it) that PHP is good for inputting
>and outputting to a database, but is it really appropriate as
>a full fledged CGI scripting language? I want to be able to do
>HTTP uploads and regexp parsing of off-site  (HTTP) HTML files
>-- should I fight for my right to use Perl?

PHP3 has the functionality you need to do all of the above.

You could use web forms to insert articles into MySQL tables then use PHP3
within HTML pages to extract the text from the DB. In addition, you can
re-purpose the articles in any format you choose e.g. PHP3 makes it very
easy to do 'email this article to a friend' and 'Printer-friendly version'

In answer to Q2) the PHP funtion htmlentities will turn special characters
into the equivalent html codes like &147; and &148; for curly quotes - a
detail which so often gets ovelooked when folk cut&paste from say, MS Word
into web forms.

As a starting point you may like to check out the phpMyAdmin package from If nothing else you could use it to
gererate forms for inserting text/html files to your remote site.

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