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From:Jose de Leon Date:March 19 1999 9:17am
Subject:Re: Need to understand process
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Actually, there is a new book by O'Reilly that describes how to use mSQL and

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Subject: Re: Need to understand process

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Bill Koob wrote:
> 1. Where can I buy a book that gives a good overview
>    of the operation and coding of mysql

You can't - there isn't one.

> 2. Will this book tell me how to load a standard delimited
>    dos ascii delimited file structure like such,
> number,characters,number,etc.
> 1,"characters",32777.19
> 2,"bill koob"99999.99
> 3,"more characters",1257.18

Yes - the online manual (

>  3. What kind on manual do you get if you buy the WinNT version?

The onlive one ? (plus a copy within the distribution ...) I don't think
you get hard copy.

>  4. Can you buy a manual specifically for the this trial version?

The online version ...

>  5. If there is a manual with it discuss such issues at ACCESS sql
>     compatibility with MYSQL?

Hmm - ACCESS SQL is a superset. Feed Access valid SQL and it will work.
Feed MySQL valid SQL and it will work. Feed MySQL ACCESS sql and it MIGHT
work. (The ODBC driver does some translations but it doesn't always work)

Access ODBC issues are mentioned in (guess what) the Online Manual ...

>  6. Can anyone give me an idea of how ACCESS
>     would work as a front end for MYSQL
>     with tables of 130 byte records with a
>     total file size  in the range of 3.5 gig
Not sure about the file size ...

>     on a 400 pentium II, Both SCSI UW and IDE
>     drives? Tables would have two indexes of 10
>     bytes each per index with the variability
>     being in the 1000 range per index. Two users
>     at most, Host and client.

Probably OK. Some operations may feel slower than Access because Access
does strange things with its data.

>  7. Any experience with NTFS compressed drives and MYSQL?
Yuck! Compressed drives are likely to cause significant overhead for a

>  8. Is there any problem with running on the host and the
>     client at the same time.

??? That doesn't make sense. What running on the host & the client. A
query from each ? It depends upon the query, but it should work OK.


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