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From:Bogomolnyi Constantin Date:November 18 2000 1:10pm
Subject:Re: Load balancing queries?
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Hi ,
I have done this on pretty big web cluster ,
10 pc , where 6 statics and 4 dyns . I have an
Mysql Master on a separate machine and 1 replication instance on
each dyn (you can put them on separates machines if you want )

So for my http load balancing i'm using an Alteon (nice but pain in the ass
to make it work) now I prefer Foundry solutions .

And here comes mysq load balancing .
I have resolved this by a very simple trick . All my scripts are using the
same API to acces the database , and in this api I check the type of
the submited query , if it is an select i just send it to localhost , else
(update insert delete ) i send them to the master .
This works neat for me  .
And it allows me to make the difference between tables in the query
(not all tables are replicated) so i can tune this in my api and
not brother all developers with this .
The SqlApi is quite trivial , so i don't post it here , if you want i can
post it to you directly .

Hope this helps .

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Subject: Load balancing queries?

> With replication working the next step to gaining a very high
> performance system is to have an effective method to divide the queryies
> to the many replicated servers.  Lets say I have 4 slaves replicating
> off of 1 master and 3 webservers that I want to use to pull queries on
> the database cluster.  Is there any existing way to make those 4 slaves
> look like one very high performance database server (by sending
> alternating queries to different servers)?  The linux virtual server
> project can do this for other tcp connections (ie. http, ftp, ...).  But
> will it work for MySQL?  Has anyone done it?  It sounds like using the
> direct routing method it should work great.  But I haven't done any
> thing like this before so I am only guessing.  If this won't work will
> any of the hardware load balancing solutions like cisco's localdirector
> work?
> Eric
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