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From:S. Whitmore Date:June 22 1999 10:48pm
Subject:Text file commands syntax error, ok interactively?
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I realize I'm probably missing something simple...  But here's the 
deal:  I have a text file that has a bunch of INSERT statements 
(generated from VFP, I figured it would be a simple way of moving data 
over).  If I run those commands from the command line like this:
   mysql < vfpdata.txt
(the real command includes switches to get to the right host, port, 
database, etc.), I get a syntax error on the first line.  If I copy 
that line and paste it, verbatim, into the mysql interactive command 
prompt, it works fine.  This doesn't make sense to me, and I don't 
know where to begin looking in the manual for something that would 
enlighten me.  The section about running commands from a text file 
doesn't mention any syntax caveats.  I can't think of anything that 
would be wrong from a text file but right from the interactive prompt.

Then again, I'm short on both sleep and coffee, so that's my excuse if 
this is something patently stupid!  :-)  (And if something like this 
has been recently discussed on the list, I'll have to blame my heavy- 
duty subject skimming in the list digests I get...)

Thanks in advance for any guidance,


Text file commands syntax error, ok interactively?S. Whitmore23 Jun
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