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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:November 17 2000 2:45pm
Subject:Re: Please help with Windows98!
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At 12:28 AM 11/17/00 +0000, Andy Loughe wrote:

>Linux/Unix I understand, but Windows98... not at all!
>Here are my problems on Windows:
>1)  I had to install MySQL from Abriasoft Lite, the zip files 
>     at were all corrupted.  Does that seem right to you!?
>     I tried three different releases of 3.23.X.
>2)  How do I do a redirect of a query file, something like:
>          mysql -t < query_statements > output_file
>3)  Do you run from the DOS PROMPT, or is there a nice GUI
>     out there somewhere?  The dos prompt is terrible... how
>     about an Xterm for Windows98!
>4)  Any other handy tips for getting my work done?

Stop whining?  That might help.

>     I could use the help on Windows.
>Thanks for listening!
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