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From:Don Read Date:March 19 1999 8:50am
Subject:Re: Writing to mysql as NOBODY
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At 12:17 PM 3/19/99 +0500, Faisal Nasim wrote:
>hi guyz,
>I have a little problem, on my Linux Redhat 5.1, I can use mysql,
>mysqladmin etc. I can also append, read etc values via a Perl
>script (via telnet), but when I call the same script from the web,
>it doesn't work. I think it is running as NOBODY and mysql won't
>permit nobody to write into the database!
>Any ideas? Alternatives? Solutions?

(lame) run the query with mysql -u user -pPassword 

(better) give 'nobody' a login to the database, and a home directory to 
read the .my.cnf file from (but leave an invalid shell).

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