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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 22 1999 12:33pm
Subject:Re: 3.23
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Adam Powell wrote:
> The load is a very long story... we are running like 3,000 queries a second
> and it has got to the point where a slight optimisation in socket code, or a
> slightly rewritten function will make a huge difference to us.  We are using
> SUN OS v5.6 on a Ultra Enterprise 450 with 1GB RAM, and we are completely
> overloading the thing...
> Adam

Have you though about splitting the load? I understand you run a banner
exchange. In this kind of situation, as far as I know, the data is quite
autonomous - that is each mememer of your exchange has his own id and
his data is kept and updated independently of everybody else. So here is
one way to approach the problem:

 - Have a central "hashing" server - it will check the member id and
forward it the server responsible for hanlding the request.
 - When a member wants to see his stats he should be directed to the
server where it is collected
 - The only problem is when the management wants to see the combined
totals - you would have to modify your currect code to combine the data.

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