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From:Adam Powell Date:June 22 1999 6:31pm
Subject:Re: 3.23
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Yes I agree, it is a question of looking at the system, and finding the
problems and eliminating these bottlenecks... however we are severely short
staffed at the moment, and we are looking for somebody to spare some time to
telnet to the server, learn about our system and help reduce the load on the
server and hopefully make it scalable for the future...  I spoke to Monty
about this, but the support is kinda expensive... would anybody be
interested in this kind of thing, and what kind of prices are we looking at?

Basically, what we have is a banner rotation script written in PHP (v3.0.6
to be exact), this is connecting to the database server with information
about the banner, the site it is on, and retrieving a shortlist of banners
to be displayed and selecting one at random.  There are many factors about
banner availability, subject area and hits/clicks per day to take into
accounts... its a 250 line script and not easy to understand by any means..

However this script was running half a million times a day, and it was
fine... now its running 7 million times a day and causing no end of

If anybody is interested in helping, or knows about this kind of thing then
please get in touch!

Adam Powell,
CTO - Click Agents Corp.,
Web :
Email : adam@stripped
Tel : (408)-453-3577

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> Adam Powell wrote:
> >
> > I have a mission-critical application that is basically COMPLETELY
> > overloaded... the load on the server is 12 and I need to do something
> > it.  I am currently using mySQL 3.22.20a - do you think upgrading to the
> > latest version is a good idea or not?  Is 3.
> > 23 safe enough to start using?
> >
> > Adam
> >
> Adam:
> There are certain issues that cannot be resolved with just an upgrade.
> For example, if your tables are set up in such a way that majority of
> your queries do a full table scan, an upgrade will help only if it will
> help you get rid of having to scan the table.
> I would recommend a careful system analysis to determine the bottlenecks
> and remove them one by one. Some common problems:
>  - Not having an index
>  - Using varachar when you could have used char
>  - Using char when you could have used int ( eg. for an IP address)
>  - MySQL buffers either too big or too small
>  - Poorly written queries
>  - Not having your tables normalized
>  - Inefficient algorithms in the application code
> Aside from that:
>  - Your system could be running out of RAM
>  - You may not have enough bandwidth to deal with your traffic
>  Good design and well-written code can keep you from having to upgrade.
> Remember that a O(exp(n)) algorithm will not run well even on the most
> powerful system in the world for reasonably large values of n.
> --
> Sasha Pachev
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