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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 22 1999 11:59am
Subject:Re: 3.23
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Adam Powell wrote:
> I have a mission-critical application that is basically COMPLETELY
> overloaded... the load on the server is 12 and I need to do something about
> it.  I am currently using mySQL 3.22.20a - do you think upgrading to the
> latest version is a good idea or not?  Is 3.
> 23 safe enough to start using?
> Adam


There are certain issues that cannot be resolved with just an upgrade.
For example, if your tables are set up in such a way that majority of
your queries do a full table scan, an upgrade will help only if it will
help you get rid of having to scan the table.

I would recommend a careful system analysis to determine the bottlenecks
and remove them one by one. Some common problems:

 - Not having an index
 - Using varachar when you could have used char
 - Using char when you could have used int ( eg. for an IP address)
 - MySQL buffers either too big or too small
 - Poorly written queries
 - Not having your tables normalized
 - Inefficient algorithms in the application code

Aside from that:

 - Your system could be running out of RAM
 - You may not have enough bandwidth to deal with your traffic

 Good design and well-written code can keep you from having to upgrade.
Remember that a O(exp(n)) algorithm will not run well even on the most
powerful system in the world for reasonably large values of n.

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