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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 22 1999 3:47pm
Subject:Re: Case insensitive REGEXP
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At 10:35 AM -0500 6/22/99, Federico Giannici wrote:
>Jani Tolonen wrote:
>> What MySQL version are you using?
>Version 3.22.22 under OpenBSD 2.4 i386.
>> A char and a varchar -fields are always case-INsensitive,
>> unless the 'BINARY' attribute is given.
>> Text -fields are case-insensitive and blob -fields are case-sensitive.
>> (Blob is a binary field)
>Well, it doesn't work for me!
>I use the following WHERE clause:
>titolo REGEXP '[[:<:]]$keyword\[[:>:]]'
>Where titolo is a (not BINARY) varchar and $keyword is a perl variable.
>It works in a case insensitive way only if I convert both to lowercase
>(or uppercase).
>What could be the reason?

REGEXP matching has its own rules, described in Appendix H of the MySQL
Reference Manual.

It does not appear to me that any of the rules there address case-insensitive
pattern matching.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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