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From:Colin McKinnon Date:June 22 1999 11:30am
Subject:Re: Mysql: many tables or many records?
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At 11:12 22/06/99 +0200, Ritschie <krichard@stripped> wrote:
>I am having difficulties.
>I have two choices either to create less table and about 100.000.000
>records or create 80 tables?
>How safe can mysql hnlde lotsa tables or how much records can it handle?
>If I choose the many tables possiblity I will have about 4-10 open tables
>at a time.
MySQL will handle files up to 2Gb on most systems, more on systems with
64-bit filesystems (provided this is set at compilation). See also recent
traffic re 1 table vs several tables.

I don't know if MySQL places a limit on the number of open files - if it
does I expect the guys at TCX would have picked a suitably large figure -
i.e. it's more likely to be limited by your operating system. 80 tables
doesn't *SEEM* particularly high.



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